MongoDB World 2017: Video Games

Jane McGonigal’s keynote talk started by highlighting that 2.1 billion people around the world play video games.  12 billion hours a week are spent playing video games.  There is something that is energizing about gameplay.  A scan of the brain has shown that the opposite of play may be depression.

Gameplay seems to increase activity in the hippocampus portion of the brain.  One interesting fact is that gamers fail at gameplay 80% of the time.  In spite of this, gamers tend to activate the ability to learn.

Jane does game research and analyzed the psychology of gameplay.  Pokemon Go was fastest downloaded app  in the history of apps.  There were 500 million downloads in 30 days.  Why was this game so popular?  Pokemon go elicits a sense of opportunity for the players and engages users.  When 650 million people start walking around playing this mobile game, a lot of data is generated.  There have been analyses done around the statistics around the usage of this game.

Augmented Reality may be the most compelling experience and platform for gaming vs. virtual reality.  The lessons learned from gaming data are:

  1. People want to engage the real world in an interesting way
  2. Games will be a huge driver of data collection

The app called Priori listens to a person’s voice to determine a person’s mental state.  Emotionant is a technology that determines a person’s mood based on their facial expression.  Emotiv is a sensing device that can detect emotions.  Mooditood is a social network to share how people feel.


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